Monday, July 27, 2015

Everest region trek

Everest  Region Trekking is the most excellent way of discovering the beauty and the serenity of the Himalayas.  Look at the pictures, they are worth a thousand words!  The local people live in villages along the trek so you can stay in a lodge each night during  your  trekking vacation.  Those who wish for a wilderness experience can also camp during trekking.

Many people who visit Nepal want to see Mount Everest at least once whilst they are here, the easy option is to take a one hour mountain flight from Kathmandu but we know at Nepalese  Mountain Dreams and Journeys pvt. ltd. Is  Might be your  true way. Although we provide trekking expeditions throughout Nepal our home and where we grew up is the beautiful Everest Region. If you are planning a trek in this region you can be sure of the best quality trekking services available in Nepal with English speaking guides who have many years of experience trekking at high altitude. Sagarmatha  National Park is situated 120km northeast of Kathmandu it covers a wide area of around 1150 sq km, UNESCO registered it as a World Heritage Site in 1979.The area is home to the most famous mountain people on this planet, the Sherpa’s. These hardy people have lived and worked in the region for over 500 years. Sherpa’s are Buddhists and very friendly and this is reflected by the many monasteries and Mani walls (walls made of prayer stones) along the way. The Everest Region is the second most popular region for trekking in Nepal after The Annapurna Region. It would probably be the most popular if the area was easier to get to as most people trekking take the forty minute flight into the mountain airstrip at Lukla. The region is full of truly rewarding fantastic panoramic views of the highest mountains on earth where some of the friendliest mountain people in the world live in harmony. You will have a chance to live and share in their culture for a while and get to understand them, Nepalese  Mountain Dreams and Journeys pvt. ltd.  are there to help you on the way.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nepal safe and Beautiful destination after mega earthquake

Dear Travelers / Trekkers / climbers  Namaste!
    i know you are you are thinking' Nepal is safe for travel after mega earthquake ?  Yes Nepal is  still safe and Beautiful destination for travel  traveler , trekkers, climbers  except  langtang valley, helambu gosaikunda and manaslu at the moment, so if you are have any question about travel to Nepal please E-mail us for more information